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Thank you for visiting MT Man Adventures, where we share the spirit of the Wild West! People think the Wild West is a bunch of people riding horses to school. While that is true for like 1% of the population, there is a whole lot more than that. We love our ranchers - I come from a ranching family. But Western Americans love wild adventure period. Climbing mountains, skiing dangerous backcountry lines, or even venturing out to your local coffee shop in -10° weather, we take on any rigorous outdoor venture with a casual, yet at the same time, serious attitude that allows us to survive and experience awesome shit.

As the owner of MT Man Adventures, I've aligned my company's values alongside my own. I'm a ramboxious but generous and authentic dude who spent most of his childhood in Helena, MT - but also a few (just a few) other places such as Great Falls, MT, Bozeman, MT, Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE, Virginia Beach, VA, Rapid City, SD, Clayton, NC, and Raleigh, NC.

Over the years moving around, I've learned about how beautiful and awesome diversity is - both in nature and as humans. Life has taught me nothing comes easy, but if you are authentic and try your hardest, you can lay your head down to rest easy at night. That nature is the most important thing after social - no amount of isolation for a long period of time ever ends up very well for a lot of people - think the Pandemic.

But Montana will always be my home and I learned a tough way to get through life - with a smile on my face. Back home we always took pride in where we were from and that we loved our community and united it as members - not divide it. We show our true selves and we also can't sit still for a minute without planning or going on an adventure. We also appreciate beauty at a very deep level - we've spent most of our lives day-dreamingly gazing into sharp and razed peaks, imaging a small Hoo-like village from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, except it is a bunch of really cool skiers.

ski whooville

What if that was real?

But there are places that exist just like this! Check out this real life Whoville mountain town:

the real life whooville

Yes, there are places on this earth where people live rugged, wild and free all the time. There is also beauty more immense than you can even imagine. It just takes your own adventure to discover it. The stories we tell about how we see things in nature or in everyday life that are so beautiful make us want to preserve them more to the best of our ability.

Take part in the Wild West tradition

It doesn't even have to be an adventure from the west - if you took an adventure out in New York with your Patagonia and Chacos to get a hoagie and then walk around Central Park, share some photos and tell us about your journey. You can email your stories to mtmanadventuresblog@gmail.com and tell us about any wild experiences, fun times, or sheer moments of blissful quiet and beauty.

We also sell apparel and let you tell us which designs you like best by giving us feedback in our community! As of writing this blog, I am getting my first products up and still working on more website features. But I promise you that before long, you won't recognize the page if you are reading this around the time this was posted.

Keep up to date with our happenings and we look forward to creating awesome adventure experiences!